Regular members

  • Ibrahim Assem, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Véronique Bazier-Matte, Université Laval
    Research areas: Cluster algebras, representation theory of algebras, knot theory, triangulation of marked surfaces
  • Anne Bergeron, UQAM (Informatique)
  • François Bergeron, UQAM (Mathématiques)
    François Bergeron's research involves the study of interesting interactions between algebraic structures (spaces of diagonal harmonic polynomials, representations of reflection groups, etc.) and combinatorial objects (trees, integer partitions, permutations, Catalan structures, parking functions, etc.).
  • Alexandre Blondin-Massé, UQAM (Informatique) / Hydro Québec
  • Srečko Brlek, UQAM (Informatique)
  • Thomas Brüstle, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Samuele Giraudo, UQAM (Informatique)
    Samuele Giraudo's research is centered at the intersection of combinatorics, algebra, and theoretical computer science. The primary goal of his research is to develop novel methods for counting and enumerating a wide range of combinatorial objects, including trees, permutations, words, and heaps of pieces.
  • Alain Goupil, UQTR
    Research areas: Combinatorics, algebra, symmetric groups, enumeration
  • Sylvie Hamel, Université de Montréal
    Research areas: Bioinformatics, languages and automata theory, combinatorics on words, Macdonald polynomials and symmetric functions
  • Christophe Hohlweg, UQAM (Mathématiques)
    Christophe Hohlweg's primary area of research is combinatorial group theory, and his favorite themes are Coxeter groups, reflections groups and their related structures. His research program sits at the interface of algebraic and geometric combinatorics.
  • Ryan Kavanagh, UQAM (Informatique)
    Ryan Kavanagh aims to develop tools and techniques that help practitioners correctly specify, implement, and reason about concurrent and communicating systems. His current work involves designing and reasoning about the logical foundations of programming languages for concurrency.
  • Jean-Philippe Labbé, ETS Montréal
    Jean-Philippe Labbé's research is at the intersection of combinatorics, discrete geometry and group theory. His research merges abstract modelizations and computational experimentations to tackle open problems related to Coxeter groups, polytopes (in particular permutahedra, associahedra, and their applications to quantum physics), triangulations, and simplicial complexes.
  • Gilbert Labelle, UQAM (Mathématiques)
  • Benoît Larose, Collège Champlain à St-Lambert / UQAM
    Research areas: Mathematics and theoretical computer science
  • Jake Levinson, Université de Montréal
    Jake Levinson is primarily interested in algebraic geometry and algebraic combinatorics. His current research involves moduli of stable curves, Schubert calculus, toric varieties and equivariant free resolutions.
  • Shiping Liu, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Vladimir Makarenkov, UQAM (Informatique)
    Vladimir Makarenkov's research focuses mainly on bioinformatics, data analysis, and machine learning.
  • Alejandro Morales, UQAM (Mathématiques)
    Research areas: Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Christophe Reutenauer, UQAM (Mathématiques)
    Algebraic Combinatorics, finite automata, variable-length codes, free Lie algebras, non commutative algebra, free fields, descent algebras, symmetric and quasi-symmetric functions, combinatorics on words, Sturmian sequences, Christoffel words, non commutative rational series, Hilbert schemes, Markoff numbers
  • Vladimir Reinharz, UQAM (Informatique)
    Vladimir Reinharz's research focuses on Computational Biology and Evolution, particularly the design of new algorithms to study RNA molecules and viral infections.
  • Franco Saliola, UQAM (Mathématiques)
    Franco Saliola's area of research is algebraic combinatorics. His research program developed from explorations into algebraic structures arising from random walks on the chambers of hyperplane arrangements; and has naturally expanded to include the representation theory of symmetric groups and general linear groups.
  • Hugh Thomas, UQAM (Mathématiques)

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Jose Bastidas, PhD (Cornell University, 2021)
    Dr. Bastidas's research interests lie in algebraic combinatorics with a particular focus on the interplay between Hopf monoids in the category of Species and hyperplane arrangements.
  • Sarah Brauner, PhD (University of Minnesota, 2023)
    Dr. Brauner is interested in the intersection of algebraic combinatorics with representation theory, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry and probability. Some keywords of interest: hyperplane arrangements; configuration spaces; left regular bands; random walks.
  • GaYee Park, PhD (University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2022)
    Dr. Park works with tableaux and posets in connection with symmetric functions and \(GL(n,q)\). She is currently studying generalized Catalan combinatorics and parking functions, and combinatorial appraoches to plethysm in symmetric functions.
  • Luis Scoccola, PhD (University of Western Ontario, 2020)
    Dr. Scoccola's reseach lies at the intersection of mathematics and computer science: computational topology & geometry, representation theory, and machine learning.

Graduate Students

  • Antoine Abram, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Christophe Reutenauer
  • Benjamin Dequêne, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Hugh Thomas
  • Karimatou Djenabou, étudiante au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: François Bergeron et Franco Saliola
  • Nicolas England, étudiant à la maîtrise à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Franco Saliola
  • Yan Lanciault, étudiant à la maîtrise à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: François Bergeron
  • Wahib Lassouani, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Franco Saliola
  • Alexis Leroux-Lapierre, étudiant au doctorat à McGill
    Direction de recherche: Joel Kamnitzer
  • Louis Marin, étudiant à la maîtrise à UQAM (Mathématiques)
    Direction de recherche: Alexandre Blondin-Massé et Alain Goupil
  • Philip Pinard McManiman, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: François Bergeron
  • David Emmanuel Pazmino Pullas, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Benoit Larose et François Bergeron
  • Adrien Segovia, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: Samuele Giraudo et Hugh Thomas
  • Etienne Tétreault, étudiant au doctorat à UQAM
    Direction de recherche: François Bergeron

Research Collaborators