Research Internships at LACIM

Every year, LACIM welcomes research interns who work closely with our members. The working atmosphere in Montreal is dynamic, and all trainees are invited to take part in the colloquia, workshops and seminars that are held regularly.

Postdoctoral fellowships

If you are interested in a postdoctoral fellowship at LACIM, please apply for a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowship and indicate on the application the names of LACIM members with whom you would like to work. All applications for a CRM-ISM fellowship will be automatically considered for other LACIM-funded fellowships. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are also invited to apply for

Undergraduate Summer Research Programs

Undergraduate students who would like to do a research internship at LACIM are invited to contact a LACIM member with whom they would like to work. Several sources of funding are available, including: