Tanbir Ahmed

Post Doctoral Researcher @ LaCIM - UQAM

Email: tanbir AT gmail DOT com

Education/Research employment
2015 - 2018 Post Doctoral Researcher, LaCIM, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.
2013 - 2015 Post Doctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
2009 - 2013 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Concordia University, Canada. Thesis: "Some Results in Extremal Combinatorics" (Advisor: Prof. Clement Lam)
2005 - 2009 M.Sc. in Computer Science, Concordia University, Canada. Thesis: "An Implementation of the DPLL Algorithm" (Advisor: Prof. Vašek Chvátal)
Math Interests: Ramsey Theory on the Integers, Discrete Geometry, Sets and Sequences, Combinatorics on Words, Graphs, Plane Tiling
CS Interests: SAT, Data Structures and Algorithms, Combinatorial Search, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing

Articles in progress:

23. Tanbir Ahmed, Robert Malo, and Daniel Schaal, "On Coloring Integers for Rado Numbers", in progress.
22. Tanbir Ahmed and Arie Bialostocki, "Blocks with Generalized Diameters", in progress.
Articles (published/in press/submitted):
21. Tanbir Ahmed, "On Generalized Strict Schur Numbers", submitted.
20. Tanbir Ahmed, Arie Bialostocki, Thang Pham, and Le Anh Vinh, "Power Sum Polynomials as Relaxed EGZ Polynomials", submitted.
19. José M. R. Caballero and Tanbir Ahmed "Thue-Morse substitution and self similar algebras", submitted.
18. José M. R. Caballero and Tanbir Ahmed "Growth of Rational Languages related to Self-Similar Algebras", submitted.
17. José M. R. Caballero and Tanbir Ahmed "A Family of doubly stochastic matrices involving Chebyshev polynomials", to appear in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics.
16. Tanbir Ahmed and Daniel Schaal, "On Generalized Schur Numbers", Experimental Mathematics, 25 (2) (2016), 213-218. MR3463569. (PDF)
15. Tanbir Ahmed, "On Colouring Integers without t-AP distance sets", Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 22 (1) (2016), 1-10. MR3573541. (PDF)
14. Tanbir Ahmed and David Wildstrom, "On Distance Sets in the Triangular Lattice", Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl. 75 (2015), 118-127. MR3444619. (PDF)
13. Tanbir Ahmed, André Kézdy, and Douglas B. West, "Remembering Hunter Snevily", Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl., 73 (2015), 7-17. MR3331369. (PDF)
12. Tanbir Ahmed, Oliver Kullmann, and Hunter Snevily, "On the van der Waerden numbers w(2; 3, t)", Discrete Applied Mathematics, 174 (2014), 27-51. MR3215454.
--- (See D. E. Knuth's Volume 4, Fascicle 6: Chapter on Satisfiability)
--- (See Wikipedia entry of Van der Waerden numbers for my contributions in that list)
--- (See an interesting lecture by V. W. Marek: Erdõs Dream, SAT, Extremal Combinatorics and Experimental Mathematics)
11. Tanbir Ahmed and Hunter Snevily, "The α-labeling number of comets is 2", Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl., 72 (2014), 25-40. (PDF) MR3362514.
--- (See Joseph A. Gallian's A Dynamic Survey of Graph Labeling)
10. Tanbir Ahmed and Hunter Snevily, "Sparse Distance Sets in the Triangular Lattice", Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 20 (4) (2013), P33. MR3158272.
09. Tanbir Ahmed, Janusz Dybizbański, and Hunter Snevily, "Unique Sequences Containing No k-Term Arithmetic Progressions", Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 20 (4) (2013), P29. MR3158268.
08. Tanbir Ahmed and Hunter Snevily, "Some properties of Roller Coaster Permutations", Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl., 68 (2013), 55-69. (PDF) MR3136863.
--- (See two conjectures in the Open Problems Garden)
--- (See William Adamczak A Note on the Structure of Roller Coaster Permutations, preprint, May 2016)
--- (See William Adamczak, Jacob Boni Roller Coaster Permutations and Partition Numbers, preprint, March 2017)
07. Tanbir Ahmed, Michael G. Eldredge, Jonathan J. Marler, and Hunter Snevily, "Strict Schur Numbers", Integers, 13 (2013). A22. MR3083484.
06. Tanbir Ahmed, "Some more van der Waerden numbers", Journal of Integer Sequences, 16 (2013), Article 13.4.4. MR3056628.
05. Tanbir Ahmed, "On computation of exact van der Waerden numbers", Integers, 12 (3) (2012), 417-425. Online version: 11 (2011), A71. MR2955523.
04. Tanbir Ahmed, "Two new van der Waerden numbers: w(2; 3, 17) and w(2; 3, 18)", Integers, 10 (2010), 369-377, A32. MR2684128.
03. Tanbir Ahmed, "Some new van der Waerden numbers and some van der Waerden-type numbers", Integers, 9 (2009), 65-76, A06 MR2506138.
--- (See tawSolver 1.0: an efficient implementation of the DPLL Algorithm.)
--- (Here is an updated list of known van der Waerden numbers).
02. Tanbir Ahmed, "Some Results in Extremal Combinatorics", Ph.D. Thesis, 2013, Concordia University. [PDF]
01. Tanbir Ahmed, "An Implementation of the DPLL Algorithm", M. Comp. Sci. Thesis, 2009, Concordia University. [PDF]


24-04-2015 "Ramsey Theory on the Integers - Some Results and Conjectures on the Schur Numbers", LaCIM Seminar, UQAM, Montreal
08-02-2013 "Some Results in Extremal Combinatorics", Ph.D. Thesis Defense, Concordia University, Montreal
27-03-2012 "On the values and bounds of van der Waerden numbers", Doctoral Seminar, Concordia University, Montreal
30-07-2009 "An Implementation of the DPLL Algorithm", M.S. Thesis Defense, Concordia University, Montreal

Published reviews in Math. Reviews

MR3274878, MR3231981, MR3194752, MR3190574, MR3134264, MR3063975, MR3062784, MR3061011
Published reviews in Computing Reviews CR141762, CR141855, CR142155, CR142308, CR142738, CR142894
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Reviewer: AMS Mathematical Reviews; ACM Computing Reviews
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C/C++, Java, Python, PHP
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