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  Current Position

    since October 2016 Postdoc position the Université du Québec à Montréal (Laboratory LaCIM).

    since September 2017 Lecturer at McGill University.


    2016-2017 Postdoc position at the Laboratoire de Combinatoire ed d'Informatique mathématique, Université du Québec à Montréal, with supervisors Srečko Brlek and Christophe Reutenauer.

    March 2013-2016 PhD degree in Computer Science at the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, with thesis "Codes bifixes, combinatoire des mots et systèmes dynamiques symboliques" (Bifix codes, Combinatorics on Words and Symbolic Dynamical Systems) with supervisor Dominique Perrin. Lecturer position during the PhD.

    April 2016 Visiting student at the Laboratoire de Combinatoire ed d'Informatique mathématique Université du Québec à Montréal (Quebec, Canada).

    September 2012-2013 "International Master in Mathematics and Computer Science - the Bezout Excellence Track" at the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée with internship supervisor Dominique Perrin, mention très bien.

    May to July 2012 CRUI-MAE Internship (Conference of Italian University Rectors - Ministry of Foreign Affairs) at the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens (Greece).

    2012 Winner of "E. Gugino" prize for the best thesis in mathematics of the Università degli Studi di Palermo for the academic year 2010/2011.

    March 2012 Master degree in Mathematics (Diploma di laurea specialistica in matematica) at the Università degli Studi di Palermo, degree thesis "Codici bifissi ed insiemi Sturmiani" (Bifix codes and Sturmian sets) with supervisor Antonio Restivo, mark 110/110 cum laude and menzione

    July 2009 Degree in Mathematics (Diploma di laurea triennale in matematica) at the Università degli Studi di Palermo, degree thesis "Cenni sulla teoria dei nodi" (Some knots on knot theory) with supervisor Claudio G. Bartolone, mark 110/110 cum laude.

    September 2007 to February 2008 Erasmus scholarship at Université d'Artois, Arras (France).



    27th March to 7th April 2017 School and Workshop "Combinatorics on Words and Tilings" organized by CRM, Montreal (Quebec, Canada).

    2nd to 13th November 2015 CIMPA Research School "CantorSalta2015", Dynamics on Cantor Sets, Salta (Argentina).

      "Substitutive dynamical systems and applications" with F. Durand,
      "Measuring complexity in Cantor dynamics" with K. Peterson,
      "Dynamics on the set of p-adic integers" with A-H. Fan,
      "Multidimensional subshifts: some links between dynamics and computability" with M. Sablik,
      "Towers in ergodic theory" with A. Şahin,
      "Dynamics of cellular automata" with A. Maas,
      "Initiation to SAGE Software" with J. Yazlle and V. Delecroix,
      "Full groups in Cantor dynamics" with M. I. Cortez,
      "Pisot type substitutions" with V. Berthé,
      "Sturmian sequences, interval exchanges, billiards, translation surfaces and Teichmuller flows" with V. Delecroix and
      "Linearly repetitive tilings" with S. Petite.

    24th August to 4th September 2015 CIMPA-IRAN Research School "Tiling and Tessellations", Isfahan (Iran).
    Tilings lectures:

      "Tileability" with F. Bassino & A. Hashemi,
      "Random Tilings" with B. de Tillière & C. Boutillier,
      "Symbolic Dynamics" with P. Guillon,
      "Substitutions" with N. Bédaride,
      "Cellular Automata" with G. Theyssier,
      "Cut and Projection" with T. Fernique,
      "Self-assembly" with F. Becker,
      "Flip Dynamics" with O. Bodini & E. Rémila and
      "SageMath" with T. Monteil.
    Tassellations lectures:
      "The historic Islamic ornamental art in Iran" with E. Makovicky,
      "Written medieval sources on Persian-Islamic tilings" with J. P. Hogendijk,
      "Experimentations in contemporary architecture" with J-M. Castera,
      "Traditional geometric art and quasicristals, an overview" with J-M. Castera,
      "Symmetries in Persian traditional tilings" with M. Ghari,
      "What are Mathematics Houses?" with A. Rejali and
      "The application of geometric patterns and tilings in mathematics education" with A. Zamani.

    20th to 24th January 2014 Winter School "Representing Streams II" organized by the Lorentz Center, Leiden (Netherlands).

      "Automatic and Morphic Sequences" with N. Rampersad,
      "Qualitative Dynamical Systems : A Tutorial" with M. Keane,
      "Tilings and Symbolic Dynamics" with A. Siegel,
      "From p-Adic Numbers to p-Adic Words" with J-E. Pin and
      "Streams and Coalgebra" with H. Hansen & J. Rutten.

    31st July to 5th September 2011 Summer school "Corso Estivo di Matematica / Summer Course in Mathematics: Perugia 2011" organized by SMI (Inter-University Mathematics School), Perugia (Italy).

      "Algebra" with N. Vavilov, and
      "Algebraic Geometry" with E. Arrondo.