Students and postdocs


If you are interested in being a candidate for a postdoctoral fellowship at LaCIM, offered directly by the LaCIM or by the CRM-ISM, you are invited to submit your application to the Institut des Sciences Mathématiques (ISM), by mentioning the names of the LaCIM member(s) under whom you are planning to work. Your application will then be automatically considered for both types of postdoc.

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Master’s or Ph.D.

If you are interested in a Master’s or Ph.D. at LaCIM, you are invited to contact directly the professor by whom you would like to be supervised as a first step, for scientific information. However, the official application is subject to the process described on the “registrariat” website of UQAM.

Summer Internships

The undergraduate scholarships at LaCIM aim at stimulating the interest of students in research, by providing them the opportunity to gain experience in an academic laboratory, and to encourage them to continue as graduate students.

All details are available on the page about summer interships.