• 2018-02-20

    Stéphanie Schanck, Véronique Bazier-Matte, Nadia Lafrenière, Mélodie Lapointe, Pauline Hubert and Élise Vandomme participating in the movie “Faces of Women in Mathematics”

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    Pavillon President-Kennedy, UQAM

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    ARTA III : Advances in representation theory of algebras (2014)

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    Mathematics in Marseille with Mark Haiman, Cédrik and François Bergeron

  • RS, Adriano Garsia
La Jolla, CA

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    Mathematics at the beach, Richard Stanley and Adriano Garsia (2003)

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    Mathematics at the bar in Banff with Adriano Garsia and Nantel Bergeron

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    Mountain mathematics with Francois and Nantel Bergeron, Jennifer Morse and Adriano Garsia

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    Christophe Reutenauer and Toni Machi, Bibbiena 2008

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    Xavier Viennot, Nantel Bergeron, Christophe Reutenauer, near Alghero 1988

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    Members of the LACIM in the early 90

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    Denis Thérien, Marcel-Paul Schützenberger, Oberwolfach 1986

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    Thesis defense by Jérôme Fortier

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    Gilbert Labelle and Christophe Reutenauer at Pierre Leroux’s house, Longueuil, early 2000

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    Christian Stump, Nicolas Thiéry, Franco Saliola, Florent Hivert

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    Richard Stanley at the LACIM seminar

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    Sage days at LACIM

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    Symposium on Coxeter groups

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    Sébastien Labbé, Marco Robado, Srecko Brlek, Louis-François Préville-Ratelle, Alejandro Morales, Mathieu Guay-Paquet, Vivien Ripoll

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    Sage days

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    LaCIM seminar

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    La choucroute du patron

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    La choucroute du patron

Welcome to LaCIM

The LaCIM  (Laboratoire de Combinatoire et d’Informatique Mathématique) is a research center gathering researchers, postdoctoral fellows, as well as graduate and undergraduate students interested in



Pas de séminaireFriday, 23 March 2018, 13:30

(pour cause d'une conférence sur les algèbres amassées)

The algebra and geometry of ordered set partitionsThursday, 29 March 2018, 11:00

Brendon Rhoades (UCSD)

For any positive integer $n$, there is a graded $S_n$-module (the coinvariant algebra $R_n$) and an algebraic variety (the flag variety $\mathcal{F \ell}(n)$) whose representation theoretic and geometric properties are governed by permutations in the symmetric group $S_n$. Given two positive integers $k \leq n$, we study a new graded $S_n$-module $R_{n,k}$ and a new variety $X_{n,k}$ whose properties are similarly governed by ordered partitions of the set $\{1, 2, \dots, n\}$ into $k$ blocks. Time permitting, we will discuss extensions of these constructions to other reflection groups as well as the Hecke algebra H_n(q) at generic parameter q and in the specialization q = 0. Joint with Jim Haglund, Jia Huang, Brendan Pawlowski, Travis Scrimshaw, and Mark Shimozono.

TBAFriday, 06 April 2018, 13:30

Vladimir Retakh (Rutgers University)

Abstract: TBA

TBAFriday, 13 April 2018, 13:30

Vida Djumovic (University of Ottawa)

Abstract: TBA

TBAFriday, 20 April 2018, 13:30

Eric Rowland (Hofstra University)

Abstract: TBA

Titre à venirFriday, 27 April 2018, 13:30

Manon Stipulanti (Université de Liège)

Titre à venirFriday, 04 May 2018, 13:30

Églantine Camby (HEC Montréal)

TBAFriday, 25 May 2018, 13:30

Jon Fickenscher (Princeton University)

Abstract: TBA